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Draw any costs out of your wallet. See the dark environment-friendly numbers on the top-left and also top-right corners? They might indicate your costs is worth much more than their stated value.

If an identification number’s digits are one-of-a-kind or intriguing, enthusiasts could be going to pay significant dollars– hundreds or perhaps hundreds of dollars– for your costs. You’ll make one of the most profit off a $1 bill with an elegant identification number, given that its face value is lower than, say, a $20 expense, yet it’s worth looking at all your cash. Who knows what your $100 bill could deserve?

Knowing what your paper money may be worth is done in the serial number.

This graphic shows how to check out the numbers on paper cash.

What Are Serial Numbers?

Identification numbers are eight-digit-long codes that are special to every cost. They are accompanied by other determining letters and numbers that tell us which collection year the price is from and where it was published. They are established on the front of U.S. money and are always printed twice.

On dollar bills (and $2 costs), the collection year shows up in the ideal bottom quadrant.

On $1 and $2 costs, the letter coming before the identification number will match the financial institution where the expense was published (such as K for Dallas). The number portion of this identifier appears independently on the currency.

Categories of U.S. Paper Money

There are several different groups of paper currency in the U.S., and some are extra collectible than others.

Silver Certificates are bills provided between 1878 and 1964 in denominations ranging from $1 to $1,000. They are generally worth between $2-$ 20 for $1 costs, $10-$ 12 for $5 bills, and $30-$ 5,000 for $10 fees.

Confederate Issues are bills issued throughout the Civil War (1861-1865). They are commonly not looked for by collectors.

Federal Reserve Notes are bills released between 1914 and the here and now in denominations varying from $1 to $10,000. The well worth of a recent account depends upon its serial number and just how uncommon it is. Collectors search for numerous various kinds of expensive serial numbers that stand apart from the crowd.

15 Types of Valuable Serial Numbers

Want to see if your paper currency deserves means more than $1 or $5? Here’s what to search for.

1. Reduced Serial Number

Collectors enjoy costs with low identification numbers, such as those below 1,000 or 100 (e.g., 00000100). On eBay, these types of expenses can cost anywhere from $20 to $100.

The lower the identification number, the better the money is taken into consideration; a bill with the serial number 00000001 could be deserving $15,000, according to

2. High Integer

People also enjoy gathering money with high numbers, as well as these can be a lot more important than lower numbers since there are less in circulation. Bills marked with 99999900 and also higher are exceptionally prized.

3. Flippers

A flipper is a note whose integer can be read right side up or inverted, such as 0069000. On eBay, flippers vary from $15 to-45 each.

4. Star Notes

Some expenses have a celebrity instead of a letter at the end of their serial number. Called celebrity notes, these costs are substitutes issued when the original costs had a printing error since it’s versus plan to produce a buck’s serial number more sumptuous than when the mint includes a star to the end.

These printing mistakes aren’t familiar, so there aren’t lots of celebrity notes in circulation. You’ll see $1 celebrity notes on eBay for $5 as well as up.


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5. Repeaters and also Super Repeaters

Blocks of duplicating digits (27527527) are demanded, with $1 repeaters beginning around $3 or $4 at eBay.

A two-digit repeating integer, like 45454545, is called a super repeater and is much more valuable. Some eBay listings begin at over $1,000.

6. Solids and also Near Solids

A solid serial integer is one where every digit coincides, like 55555555.

Just regarding one out of every 11 million notes is a solid, as well as they, can be worth $500 or even more.

Given that these notes are so uncommon, people also gather near-solids, where only one digit varies, like 55555575. These will generally generate much less money than a solid. However, you’re more likely to discover one.

7. Binary Bills

Binary bills have serial numbers with just two numbers, such as 29299299. A near strong would count as one of these binary notes because it only consists of two numbers. On, some binary notes can opt for greater than $800.

8. Trinary Bills

Due to the rarity of binary costs, some enthusiasts also request trinary notes, which consist of three one-of-a-kind numbers in different combinations (e.g., 29329939).

9. Ladders

When the serial integer ascends (e.g., 12345678) or comes down (e.g., 8765431) in order, enthusiasts call it a ladder. You’ll also locate “near ladders,” where a couple of numbers separate the ladder.

Ladder notes cost anywhere from a few dollars on eBay to an undefined (but high) price for a letter marked 12345678 to Old Currency Values.

10. Birthday celebrations

Some enthusiasts desire notes with a detailed year or date in the serial number, possibly a famous day or one significant. For instance, 02162006 may be helpful in an enthusiast whose child was born Feb. 16, 2006.

An identification number that includes the year is also preferable, such as 10901985 or 10002010.

11. Radars and Super Radars

A radar serial number checks out the same up and down, like a palindrome—for instance, 06288260. A good condition, uncirculated $1 radar can sell for about $25.

If only completion two numbers are different (like 27777772), you’ve got a super radar, which is far more unusual and beneficial. Even a $1 expense with this type of identification number can sell for $70 as well as up on

12. Consecutives

You have among this collection when you have two or even more separate notes with consecutive serial numbers, like 25348793 and 25348794. They’re not unusual, given that you can get successive costs at any bank, yet it can be vital if they also match one more category on this list.

13. Doubles

Doubles happen when a serial number consists of sets of numbers, such as 24459387. The most helpful type is called a quad double when a serial number has four collections of doubles (e.g., 55998833).

14. Dual Quads

While technically they’re a variation of a quad double, notes whose serial numbers contain two sets of 4 of the same number are called dual quads. (Confusing, isn’t it?).

For example, 77776666 is a double quad. These bills are rarer as well as more valuable.

15. Bookends.

It’s called a bookend when the identification number has the same 2 or 3 digits on both ends. Three-number bookends, like 36584365, are better than two-digit bookends, like 36829736. Rates begin around $3 for a $1 bookend on

Exactly how to Look Up Serial Numbers.

If you believe you could have possession of an expense that’s worth more than its stated value, you can go online to seek out the identification number.

To examine it out, I searched for the number on a $5 expense I had in my wallet at Once you enter the bill’s eight-digit number, it’ll designate it a percentage on the “Coolness Index.” This index was developed by, using a formula that examines numbers according to its “intriguing buildings.”.

According to the site, our $5 cost was 89.9% cool, or “nearly amazing,” according to the site. Below are some realities we discovered—the note that made it almost (but not entirely) cool:.

It had a 4-of-a-kind and one pair, which only 2.6% of expenses have.

The bill’s numbers had a sum of 48, and 8% of eight-digit identification numbers sum to at the very least 48.

It had four one-of-a-kind figures, and 9.3% of eight-digit identification numbers have four or fewer digits.

It contained two pairs, which hold for only 10% of serial numbers on paper money.

However, “almost awesome” is inadequate to push the worth of the $5 up, so we won’t be making any type of extra money on this set. And unfortunately, the dollar bill was placed as sturdily “unpleasant” with simply 18.5% on the Coolness Index.

Nonetheless, examining online to see if your cash is incredible (or tiresome) doesn’t ensure that you’ll have the ability to market it for more than the stated value. While you can note your paper money for as much or as little as you desire, its worth depends on what individuals want to spend for it.

The mirror-reality is constantly equipped with large amounts, including innovation, memberships, programs, kitchenware, and more. Check it out today!

Where to Sell Your Paper Money.

If you do find yourself the proprietor of a different banknote, there are numerous areas you can pay it in.

The most straightforward alternative is to note your note on Search to see what similar notes are detailed for and list your own in the same ballpark. You don’t want to provide also reduced and wonder if you might have made more; nor do you wish to offer it expensive and also risk it not costing all.

If you do not intend to manage, you can look in your area to see if there are any fiat money dealers in your area. If there are, you can take your banknotes to them for an appraisal as well, as they will undoubtedly be either used to buy the note from you or route you to someone who may be interested.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Still have questions regarding your paper money and what it may be worth? These frequently asked questions must assist.

Which Dollar is Bill Serial Numbers Worth Money?

Generally, the more impressive the serial number on your dollar bill, the more likely it is worth more fantastic than the stated value. Some examples of uniqueness incorporate repeating numbers, numbers with a celebrity after them, and sequences (such as 12345678). You can see a complete listing of potentially valuable identification number keys in the “15 Types of Valuable Serial Numbers” section.

Exactly how Do I Notice if My Dollar Bill is Worth Money?

To notice whether your dollar bill could be worth more than simply $1, you must analyze the serial number. This is an eight-digit number that is published twice on all fiat money, as well as it has 1 or 2 letters as a prefix, depending on the religion. If the integer is unique or has a star after it, it could be substantial. See “15 Types of Valuable Serial Integers” and “How to Look Up Serial Integers” over.

How Do You Check Serial Integers on Money?

You can check your serial integers online to obtain a concept of whether they might be worth more than the stated value. See the “How to Look Up Serial Numbers” area above.

What is the Value of Paper Money?

Fiat money is typically worth the specific amount provided on the face (for example, $1, $5, or $10). Nevertheless, some expenses have a particular identification number that makes them desirable to enthusiasts and also, for that reason, cost more than their face value. See “15 Types of Valuable Serial Numbers” to find out more about the kinds of unique numbers valid to collection agencies.

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