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There are a lot of areas for ladies to make a buck off delicately utilized threads. However, ever before ask yourself where men can do the same?

Well, we have a listing of places for you. Here’s a listing of both online and also brick-and-mortar males’ consignment stores that we discovered.

Online Men’s Consignment Stores

No physical location, no problem.

1. Grailed

Named as a nod to the Holy Grail– i.e., something priceless, however tough to find– Grailed costs itself as “a curated community” where “each item is sourced straight from the storage rooms of like-minded fashion-conscious people.”

If you’re a deluxe wearer, the Grailed industry is the place for you.

However, even if you’re not, you might offer your products in its other areas, which include streetwear, avant-garde, vintage, tech wear as well as minimalist.

Grailed deals PayPal purchaser and also vendor protection, in addition to its very own allures process for any, questioned PayPal insurance claims. It also uses a unique spin on the bid website model: In enhancement to establishing an asking price and accepting offers from purchasers, you likewise have the choice to approve multiple requests simultaneously and ship to whoever pays you first.

Grailed takes a 6% cut of any revenues after PayPal fees– without a doubt, the most reasonable compensation of any other business on this list. That stated, you set the price for your products, which might suggest they take longer to offer than they would on a website that sets the rate for you.

2. The RealReal

As its name indicates, The RealReal prides itself on authenticity. While all of the websites on this list prohibited replicas and duplicates of brand-name things, The RealReal takes it one action further by utilizing qualified experts– from gemologists to clothing specialists– to make specific every product it offers is the real point.

Your product has to pass a strenuous inspection before the website notes it.

The more you consign with The Real, the extra you make:

  • At the VIP degree, you’re selling at least $10,000 a year as well as you’ll get 70% compensation.
  • At the Icon degree, you’re offering $1,501-$ 9,999 a year as well as getting 60% compensation.
  • At the Insider level, you’re offering $0-$ 1,500 a year as well as obtaining a 55% payment.
  • Find out more about the rewards program payment rates and item compensation prices here.

3. Menswear Market

Menswear Market touts itself as taking several guesswork (and legwork) out of marketing your items by using services like digital photography and supply monitoring.

Menswear Market might offer your pieces on its site or via its marketing account on

Menswear Market uses cost-free thing pickup in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, or prepaid FedEx delivery for out-of-state vendors. You will undoubtedly receive 50% of the net sale price using a regular monthly check out your collection’s marketing period.

4. Linda’s Stuff

Do not let the name fool you; Linda’s Stuff isn’t just for women’s clothes and accessories. It likewise has a considerable men’s area with everything from pieces of denim to footwear to swimwear.

This company strives to sell your high-end things at a rate that will undoubtedly get you the most money and the interest rate the most buyers. The group does a lot of the work itself, from photography to study, to prices, to authenticate.

The company’s inventory group determines an item’s fair market value based upon its age and designer, in addition to its style, problem, and designer. The business notes products for one year, yet if they do not market in that time, the consignor’s responsibility is to launch the return process.

Linda’s Stuff funds sellers monthly and takes a sliding payment based upon just how much you market: 20% of sales over $5,000, 25% of sales in between $1,000 and $4,999, and 40% of deals under $1,000.

Brick-and-Mortar Men’s Consignment Stores

Like an in-person experience? Look into these stores.

5. Well Suited

From the very same individuals who brought you ladies’ consignment website My Sister’s Closet and decor consignment website My Sister’s Attic, Well Suited has stores in Arizona and California. It also permits shoppers to surf items online and area orders by phone.

You can visit a shop with products you’d like to market or comply with these instructions to deliver them to the business.

To get approved for resale, your products should fulfill the “3 C’s” My Sister’s Closet initially stated:

  • Charming (or, one might argue, “handsome” in this situation): brand-name designer items, whether traditional or trendy, that retail for a minimum of $50.
  • Clean: in like-new, ready-to-wear condition.
  • Current: fashionable as well as no more than 4-5 years old.
  • You can receive 45% of the thing’s sale price in cash or 55% in-store credit score.

6. Plato’s Closet.

Plato’s Closet concentrates on the teenager and young adult apparel and devices– for guys, this indicates clothing in the 28-40 midsection dimension range in “present styles that are still in the shopping center.”.

Inspect right here to see if there are any places in your residence. If there are, you can rest by with your things and your ID, and also, a sales will evaluate your Stuff while you surf the shop’s racks. (Plato’s Closet does not have a ship-to-sell choice.).

Unlike various consignment shops that pay you when your products offer and take a cut as compensation, Plato’s Closet buys your products outright. Also, it stocks them for resale– so as soon as you obtain and approve its quote, you go out with either cool, hard cash, or store credit.

According to customer evaluations, you might get $2-$ 5 per approved product unless you have high-demand items. However, if you’re seeking a quick, effortless way to unload your unwanted Stuff and also get a few bucks, Plato’s Closet is worth having a look at. Picking an installment plan could get you a bit more, as well.

7. Buffalo Exchange.

Like Plato’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange acquires acceptable items ahead of time and pays you in cash or an installment plan. You can either drop your products off at one of its physical areas or send them by prepaid UPS delivery.

Buffalo Exchange provides what each area is looking for below. However, as a rule, it concentrates on “designer things, prominent mall brand names, sports war, present trends, day-to-day staples, vintage, and distinctive items.” You can call in advance to learn what your regional store is looking for if you’re marketing personally or go here to see its most outstanding sell-by-mail requirements.

Accepted things typically internet you 50% of the market price in-store credit score or 30% in cash.

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