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I have done a bridesmaid, not one, not 2, yet seven times.

Words can not define just how unbelievable it felt to stand beside my friends at their wedding. The only point that kept me from ultimately delighting in each experience was the price.

Being a bridesmaid is expensive: the bachelorette celebration, bridal showers, lingerie shower, transport to and from each event. As well as, oh yes, the bridesmaid dress.

A lot of the dresses I purchased for these events set me back a minimum of $100. As a lady in my very early 20s, still, in university on some occasions, those gowns injure my bank account majorly.

Thankfully, gowns are one facet of being a bridesmaid where it’s possible to gain several of our refunds! It did not occur to me until soon that I might have lessened the pain of those acquisitions if only I had prepared beforehand to offer my dresses.

It’s never too late. After doing a little research, I’ve limited my offering alternatives to five websites.

1. Previously Owned Wedding Dresses

PreOwned Wedding Dresses is fantastic for both bridal and also bridesmaid gowns. The website is additionally an excellent match for brides-to-be intending to market their wedding dresses.

My preference part is the Wedding Dress Value Calculator. This device helps you figure out just how much your dress is worth, which may be practical if you got the dress a while back or if the dress has some damage.

For every bridesmaid outfit you post for sale, you pay a $5 listing cost. While this is less than the compensation fee of various other websites, you do need to pay it whether your outfit offers it or otherwise.

2. Bridesmaid Trade

Bridesmaid Trade has comprehensible user guidelines, so this website is perhaps the most convenient to use. (All of them are pretty straightforward, but that’s just the opinion of this technically un-savvy girl.).

There are no listing charges, yet Bridesmaid Trade bills a $15 fee if your gown does offer. So, for example, if you intend to pocket $75 for your dress, listing it at $90.

3. Etsy.

I indicate, begin, who doesn’t enjoy Etsy?

Since September 2017, Etsy boasted 30.6 million active shoppers, so there might be a far better chance your gown will be seen. I’ve had some close friends buy wedding and also bridesmaid dresses on Etsy. They fell in love with their purchases as well as sang Etsy’s applauds.

Etsy charges 20 cents per item on your checklist, a 3.5% deal charge, and a 3% + 25-cent commission for refining the settlement. Divided, that suggests that if you provided a gown for $100, you would pay Etsy $6.95.

That formula seems needlessly complicated, yet it still exercises to be pretty budget-friendly. So it’s alright, Etsy, we still enjoy you!

4. Permanently the Bridesmaid.

Forever the Bridesmaid is for bridesmaid outfits only. My preferred part is its Tips for Sellers section. This page offers guidance relating to dress maintenance, images, summaries, and prices to increase the probability of selling your outfit.

Instead of billing an exact buck amount, Forever the Bridesmaid takes a 15% commission fee for every outfit you offer.

5. Tradesy.

Although Tradesy has plenty of premium bridesmaids’ dresses provided, the site markets far more than simply wedding-related things. The possible disadvantage of this function is that individuals wanting to buy bridesmaid outfits may not think of browsing Tradesy first.

However, I have to claim that Tradesy appears magnificent hassle-free. The website has reps available 24/7 to answer your inquiries. Their team additionally sends you, the vendor, a free shipping set and takes care of returns if your purchaser changes her mind!

If your dress costs under $50, Tradesy takes $7.50. If your dress costs greater than $50, Tradesy changes from bucks to percentages, taking 14.9%.

Ideally, you feel a little less nervous regarding being a bridesmaid now that you have options for offering your gown. Concentrate on being there for the new bride and thinking of the excellent wedding celebration hashtag.

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